Guide for traders

Another source of revenue we can get with our Bitcoins is the interest and dividends we can get through lending to individuals and businesses. Platforms supporting this activity have different features and content, where BitBond and BTCPOP can be mentioned as examples. BitBond has a special feature that lenders can lend through an automated system and choose the level of risk they want to take, while in BTCPOP - besides conventional lending - they have also the ability to invest in small business stocks and bonds. What to look out for:

• We do not lend to anyone – even if they have repaid their previous loans - if they do not offer something as a guarantee or collateral.

• This guarantee should be consisted of coins and shares that will actually have the nominal value at which they are calculated so that they could be liquidated immediately in case of a failure in repaying the loan.

• Bonds should not be "ongoing" but they should have a clear repurchase date by the borrower.

To judge the quality of a share, we check:

• The purpose for which it was created and the source of its income.

• Its statistics.

• Previous dividend payments.

• Buy and sell orders and transaction history.

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