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The weekend is always a great opportunity to capitalize your returns and sold the winning cryptocurrencies of your portfolio. This weekend was also great for the Coinology’s portfolio and trading strategy.

The second thing in crypto trading that will allow you to maximize your profits and secure your capital is to diversify your trades. In altcoin trading, many times we heard about new altcoins that will grant instant and easy profits in no time.

The first thing you want to do in crypto trading is to prevent any losses on your initial capital and turn them into profits. When you start trading, you should not expect to become rich overnight. You have to work on it, learn new things, try new stuff and recover from your mistakes.

The bear market in altcoins still continues and many traders and investors are worried about their investments and their capital. Most altcoins fall over 90 % while Bitcoin’s price fell over 73 %. This is a tremendous opportunity for hedging your portfolio and secure your profits.

When the Bitcoin price goes up and its dominance on the crypto market cap, most of the altcoins lose their value and their price is dumping. What can we do as traders that bet on the rise of those altcoins and we see our trades to turn unprofitable or staggered ?

One of the most important aspects of trading is timing. When you enter the market and when to exit it. Many times you have to wait days or weeks to success a trade with a decent return that will satisfy your trading profile, your expectations and your goals. Sometimes, the only thing you need is just a couple hours where the market spikes and find your target price. This could happen for seconds and it’s an instant chance for quick profits.

The feeling of everyday earnings seems really good. Monday and Tuesday were really hot !!!!!!

What a weekend !! We sold STRAT, PAY, CVC and META. All with profits, all with margins over 3 % per trade. Even if the crypto market is in bearish mode, Coinology achieved huge returns for trades, using Averaging Down Strategy.

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