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    Who we are & what we do?

    We are a trading team of SMARTECH SOLUTIONS, a Polish company that sells cryptocurrency and cooperates with Crypto-Exchanges and Crypo-ATM operators. We have conducted many experiments and analyses on how to trade best on crypto exchange platforms. We have worked out clear rules on how to trade correctly and get profit out of trades. During last years we accomplished more than 500.000 successfully completed trades with 0% loss. We don't lose trades, even if they look like dead. We are professionals in what we do. Visit our SIGNALS to see for yourself.

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    What do you pay for?

    You pay to actually see how we trade. When we place a trade you will receive a notification (we call it SIGNAL) on your email, Telegram and/or Whatsapp but it is up to you if you want to follow it or ignore it. By following our trades - you can place the very same trades on exchange platforms where you have an account. We suggest you to register accounts on the following crypto exchanges: List of the exchanges by Coinology

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    What to invest & how much?

    You can deposit cryptocurrency or fiat money on your exchange accounts. We trade with cryptocurrency and most of the times with alt-coins. How much to invest is entirely up to you and we cannot make any suggestions here. Usually we send you signals like:

    Signal #18936
    31.01.2018 19:54

    Bought BitBean (BITB) from Bittrex/CoinExchange at price of 0.00000094

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    When to BUY/SELL?

    We will inform you in real time (by email, Telegram, WhatsApp) when and which coin we buy - it can be once a day or once within 3 days or even 5 times per day - we don't follow any schedule and we don't sell cheap advices. When we see an opportunity we act (no place for weak hands here) - we choose to act only when the time is right.

    Let's say that now our SIGNAL is working and the price is rising - at that point it is entirely up to you when you want to SELL, you chose the profit %. We suggest 3-5%. However, just for informative reasons we will let you know when our own SELL order is actually being closed and the profit % we made out of each trade.

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    What is cryptocurrency?

    If you are new to cryptocurrency this is NOT the right place for you. Make your online research, get all the information you need, learn the basics first. Get your first experience with trading and then come to us to check our SIGNALS - they will surprise you for sure. Become a professional trader with us.

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    How to make a trade?

    If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency trading you can check our trading guide and learn the basic stuff on how to trade. After you acquire the necessary experience you can join our SIGNALS and become a guru.

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    I need an urgent assistance!

    We don't have a phone assistance because we spend all our time minitoring exchange markets, we are traders and we just trade, nothing more. If you have website questions or difficulties, we can always assist you via e-mail info@coinology.eu. Send us your question or describe your problem and you will get an answer within a day.

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