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Average profitability (%)
Average profitability (closed trades)
Number of coins
Successful signals
Average profitability Coinology crypto trading
Using trading techniques
USING TRADING TECHNIQUES Coinology crypto trading
In most cases we simply know what to buy but for some trades we use our trading strategies. By implementing trading techniques more time is requered to close the trade, however this allow us to maximize the average profitability
Average profitability with & w/o using trading techniques
Without strategies
With strategies
Results 92%* successful trades
We provide step-by-step instructions to all our visitors. Our guide can help you with both, the beginner and advanced trading
We DON'T use your funds
You earn profit with your own coins, on your own exchange accounts
It is absolutely safe
We use different kind of effective trading techniques that we have mastered over the years.

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About our project

With the arrival of first cryptocurrency trading platforms we began trading crypto-coins and chasing for profit. It was clear from the beginning that this would be an excellent tool for making money.

We conducted many experiments and analyses on the best possible way of trading on these platforms. Till today we have tested more than a hundred different exchange platforms and more than 150 different coins. We figured out how to trade right and how to be always profitable. We accomplished more than 500.000 successfully completed trades with 0% loss over the years by implementing various techniques.

We will share our knowledge and algorithms of a successful work through our trading guide and of course you will see us in action. By following our trades you can earn up to 50% profit of your initial investment per month.

On we want to share our experience with you. All our subscribers can watch the history of our trades almost instantly, right after they were made. Subscribers also receive instant signals in Telegram and WhatsApp because every second is valuable in our case. Simply by repeating our actions, you will be able to start earning profit from the first month (as we did).

You can also learn from us. By repeating and analyzing our trades, at some point in the future you will be able to predict the market behavior by yourself and become a successful trader.

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