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You are kindly asked to carefully read the following terms and conditions that govern the relationship between "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." and you as a user. If you disagree even with at least one of these terms and conditions, you should not make use of https://www.coinology.eu, as further use and browsing on any of its content, automatically means your absolute, explicit and unconditional acceptance, accession and agreement to them.

Furthermore, you agree that "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." reserves the right to at any time, even without prior notice, unilaterally modify these terms and conditions of use. For this reason, it is your own responsibility to regularly go back to these Terms and Conditions, as their renewal is ongoing and you automatically accept them solely by using our website and services.

By making any transaction on our platform https://www.coinology.eu, you expressly and unreservedly accept and agree with the following:

  • You accept these Terms and Conditions.
  • You are at least 18 years old and eligible to accept terms and conditions.
  • You will not use our platform https://www.coinology.eu, if the legal framework in your country forbids its use.

During each transaction through our platform https://www.coinology.eu, you automatically agree that:

  • You provide real data and information. You agree that the information that you give us is accurate and complete. It is your sole responsibility to provide our platform always with correct and accurate information, so that we can contact you at anytime.
  • You understand and agree that if our platform https://www.coinology.eu  sends any information to the contact details you have provided during your transaction and you do not receive it for any reason, you are the only responsible person. Please make sure you add the domain https://www.coinology.eu  in your list of friendly addresses.
  • You maintain complete control of your transaction, and you are the only responsible person for your actions and decisions in general.
  • You report to us DIRECTLY any abnormal or suspicious transaction, or breach of security via the e-mail info@coinology.eu
  • You are responsible for all the transactions you make, for instance purchase and/or sale of cryptocoins.
  • You absolutely implement and are fully aware of our policy with regards to combating money laundering and terrorist activity financing (KYC-AML & CTF policy).
  • You agree with our policy on the protection of personal data and use of cookies, which you declare with these terms and conditions that you have already read here.



"SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." and https://www.coinology.eu provide advice for the purchase/sale of Bitcoin and other crypto-coins, by monthly subscription payments and one time payments (single payments), using one of the available payment methods. Each monthly subscription lasts thirty (30) days from the date of payment and this timeframe will henceforth be referred to as the "subscription month".

Coinology.eu is an informational and prognostic website and in no case acts as an exchange platform. The purchase and sale of Bitcoins and alt-coins takes place at the various exchange platforms online and not on our website. The suggestions presented on our site are NOT binding and NOT a guide for sure success, they are merely subjective considerations. Our site subscribers have full access to the exchange signals we provide, which are subjective estimates and signals for exchange of cryptocoins. These considerations and advice are not a guarantee of success, nor is it obligatory for our subscribers to follow them, on the contrary, they should even think very well before accepting or rejecting such assessment or advice, and not acting in a hurry or superficially.

"SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not responsible for any loss of its subscribers due to the fact that they have decided to follow the assessments and advice it provides. Moreover, it is not responsible for the actions or decisions of its subscribers, nor for the results or implications of any kind that may arise from the market of cryptocoins, with regards to our suggestions. In the event of a loss of money or any other damage due to any cause, while using our website, the subscriber is the sole responsible person for damage rectification.

Furthermore, the exchange platforms suggested by "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." at https://www.coinology.eu are independent businesses and are not in any way connected with us. These exchange platforms operate completely independently and beyond the control of "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." and the latter has no responsibility either for their operating procedures, or even if they stop operating for any reason. You should be aware of and accept in advance the risk that exchange platforms as independent companies may shut down or bankrupt or receive hacking or scams. In such situations there might be loss of your money, for the rectification of which you are the only responsible person.

Our subscribers/customers already recognize and explicitly and unreservedly accept that there is not a minimum number of signals per day, and that there may be no suggestions or signals for some days. In any case, the service is considered provided if at least one signal has been given per month.

"SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." has taken all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure that https://www.coinology.eu will be available 24/7/365, but is not responsible for any delays and errors. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." has shown due diligence for the regular execution of your transactions. However, it is always possible that various problems may occur during one of your transactions. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not responsible for any material or non-material loss or loss of profits that might occur to you from any cause, either present or future, and does not guarantee the continuous operation of this website, which can inevitably be interrupted for reasons outside our sphere of influence, as indicatively because of necessary conservation works, technical failure, such as hardware or software problems, or because of the Internet network maintenance works carried out usually by ISPs and data centers, where our server is located, such as problems of power shortage of our server or loss of the connection, either due to defective provision of Internet services or other technical reasons, for which third parties are responsible or due to force majeure, all reasons for which "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is in no way responsible.

However, in case of such a problem, you can always contact us at (+48) 692 223 200, during working days and hours.



"SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is opposed to the use of bitcoin and alt-coins for transactions related to criminal activities. Please make sure before any transaction through this website or the various exchange platforms that you comply with Polish and European legislation and your activities are legal. If not, then you should not proceed to any transaction via our platform. With these terms, you expressly and unreservedly agree that you will not use our services for illegal activities of any kind.

It is highly recommended that you always check the legal status in the country where you live, to avoid problems with the law. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the abovementioned apply.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions and using our platform you agree that:

  • You follow local law, whenever applicable.
  • You will not use our platform for any unlawful purpose and transaction.

"SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." has the right to refuse any transaction and place limits on transactions without prior notice and reserves the right to cancer any subscription or a user’s account, without prior notice.



We draw your attention on the possible risks of using the virtual currency bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrencies (alt-coins). You are kindly requested, before using this website, to seriously take into account that if any of these risks occur, "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not to be held liable for any reason. With these terms and conditions, you declare that you are fully informed about these risks and have accepted the probability of their occurrence:

1. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not a Bank; it does not hold bitcoins as a bank deposit and is not subject to the laws that regulate banking institutions. Moreover, "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not an investment advisor, nor does it provide advice with regards to the acquisition or not of bitcoins and alt-coins, and in the event that, after buying bitcoins or alt-coins, they suddenly gain zero value, which is not unlikely to happen, especially for some alt-coins it is highly likely that this happens, "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not responsible for the recovery of any of your injuries or damages from this cause. You decide to accept or reject the signals uploaded at https://www.coinology.eu only at your own risk. These signals are solely related with bitcoins or alt-coins purchase/sale transactions through various exchange platforms. With these terms and conditions, you agree that you have been informed that each of these exchange platforms may require you to agree with their own, maybe similar or different terms and conditions, and that depending on the exchange platform that you choose, the bitcoin or alt-coin price might be different.

2. Bitcoins and alt-coins are not regulated, nor are they issued by a central bank or under its guarantee, they are not recognized as a state currency, not issued by any authority, but they are created in a network through a special algorithm. Bitcoins and alt-coins are not widely used in transactions and do not incorporate currency value; thus they are highly volatile. Generally speaking, bitcoins and alt-coins fall under the category of virtual (digital) currencies, which may cause a loss of your money.

3. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." bears no responsibility for any of your capital loss from any cause, nor does it guarantee for your money in case of loss. Although "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." has taken all necessary measures for the security and continuity of transactions, and for the proper function of this website, however, there are no specific statutory protection measures to cover consumer losses in the event that a platform that exchanges or holds your virtual coins breaks down or goes out of business.

4. Our platform https://www.coinology.eu is not to be used for purchasing products and services, so for any dispute that arises with other companies, with regards to your further transactions using bitcoin and alt-coins, "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not responsible in any way. Keep in mind that transactions using bitcoin and alt-coins might be irreversible, and therefore, any capital losses because of fraudulent conduct of a third party may not be reparable.

Furthermore, the acceptance of virtual currency is not under constant warranty and is based on the parties involved discretion or contracts, which can be terminated at any time without notice. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." in no way guarantees that the use of bitcoins and alt-coins will always be accepted by merchants and businesses. Our role is purely intermediary and has to do only with providing signals with regards to the purchase/sale of bitcoins and alt-coins.

Moreover, as bitcoins and alt-coins are Internet based, there is a high risk of cyber-attacks (i.e.: hacking).

5. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not responsible for any changes in the value of bitcoins and alt-coins. Please keep in mind that the value of virtual currencies, including bitcoins and alt-coins, is particularly volatile and can easily go down, as well as up. It is obvious that by buying bitcoin and alt-coins through various exchange platforms, you are on your own responsibility exposed to the risk of volatility and fluctuation of its price. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." provides no guarantee that the value of your capital in virtual currency will remain relatively stable.

6."SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of your bitcoins or and alt-coins. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." will never compensate you if you miss your wallet. You are the only person responsible to store and maintain your bitcoins and alt-coins. You should also be well aware that when using online exchange platforms, your money may be stolen by a third party, just as it can happen with your conventional money. For this reason, you need to show for your digital wallet the same care and diligence you show for your conventional wallet or handbag.

7. "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." does not bear any responsibility for any tax obligations that may arise from the purchase of bitcoins and alt-coins. It is your sole responsibility to consider whether you have tax obligations in Poland or in the country from which the transaction is made, and what they concern, as well as to comply with them, if any.



You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you cancel your subscription, your card will not be automatically charged for next months’ subscriptions, that is to say your subscription will stop updating. However, the subscription fee for the current and already paid subscription will not be refunded and you will continue to have access to our services for the remainder of the month.

Moreover, under these terms and conditions, you agree that the https://www.coinology.eu platform has the right to cancel your subscription unilaterally for any reason. In this case, you as a user should provide us with your bank account number to which the transaction amount will be transferred.



With regards to the payment of your monthly subscription, you can choose to pay via Visa/Mastercard, bank transfer, and PayPal. The payment of your monthly subscription is conducted in real time and immediately. Once the subscription’s payment is successful, you automatically have full access to exchange signals.

With these terms and conditions, you explicitly and unconditionally declare that you agree to the charges as listed on the payment page. Please note, however, that any charges made on deposits, or any withdrawals from bank or other financial institutions are beyond our control and SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O. bears no responsibility.



All intellectual property rights contained in signals, texts, images or any other content, which are displayed on our website or are associated to it, belong to "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." or other third parties that trade with it. Any reproduction of the above mentioned by third parties that do not have a license is strictly prohibited.



In some cases in https://www.coinology.eu there will be content from third parties, for which "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O." is not responsible.



The website https://www.coinology.eu belongs to "SMARTECH SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O.".You can contact us either by phone (+48) 692 223 200 or via e-mail: smartech.poland@gmail.com during working days and hours: Monday - Friday (10:00 - 17:00).



1. These terms and conditions and any amendments thereto, and any transaction thereunder, are governed by Polish law. The invalidity of one of these conditions does not affect the validity and effect of the remaining terms.

2. The Courts of Warsaw, Poland, are the exclusive competent local courts for any dispute arising from the use of our website

3. The consumer protection law is not affected by these terms and conditions, but is still valid.

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