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The first thing you want to do in crypto trading is to prevent any losses on your initial capital and turn them into profits. When you start trading, you should not expect to become rich overnight. You have to work on it, learn new things, try new stuff and recover from your mistakes.

The capital allocation is the first thing you have to do when you start crypto trading. That means if you want to gain profits from your trading, you should not put all your capital in only one trade or just 10 trades and just to wait to be profitable. In traditional trading, the most successful traders use only 1 % or 2 % of their capital on every trade. This method allow them to perform multiple successful and profitable trades and minimize their losses.

In crypto trading, the percentage of capital allocation could be even lower, below 1 % of the capital. This will lead you to many trades, which many of them will be successful but also to the minimization of your losses.

So, small trades every time will led to many profitable and successful trades that allow you to build your capital and find your successful path in crypto trading. Coinology provides you with all the needed signals to start making profits from the first trade and guide with different strategies in crypto trading.

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