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When the Bitcoin price goes up and its dominance on the crypto market cap, most of the altcoins lose their value and their price is dumping. What can we do as traders that bet on the rise of those altcoins and we see our trades to turn unprofitable or staggered ?

The most popular method is the Averaging Down strategy, which we use also in Coinology in order to fulfill successful trades and achieve capital protection from losses. The signals that are sent from Coinology are based on multiple strategies that enable our users to secure profits by copying our strategies.

Over the last days, we bought again WAX, SYS and STRAT in order to lower our average position on these assets and expect lower price from them to achieve profits and capital increase.

Apart from that, we also achieve to sold GO and RCN with over 10 % returns. Amazingly, GO was an over-night trade that lasted only 7 hours with 10,18 % return.

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