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The bear market in altcoins still continues and many traders and investors are worried about their investments and their capital. Most altcoins fall over 90 % while Bitcoin’s price fell over 73 %. This is a tremendous opportunity for hedging your portfolio and secure your profits.

Hedging is the act of protecting your capital from losses by taking action and complete a series of trades. In traditional trading, we use financial derivatives (futures, options, swaps) that allow us to secure our profits or minimize our losses, according to our trading strategy.

In crypto markets, this can happen only with Bitcoin as some exchanges like Kraken and BitMEX offer Bitcoin futures, while LedgerX, Deribit and Quedex offer Bitcoin options. Over the next days, we are going to explore different hedging methods that we use in Coinology in order to bring you the best results for your profitable portfolio.

Not to forget : Coinology proves itself everyday – META with 12,17 % and SRN SRN with 13,09 % profit, both in 5-day span.

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