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What a weekend !! We sold STRAT, PAY, CVC and META. All with profits, all with margins over 3 % per trade. Even if the crypto market is in bearish mode, Coinology achieved huge returns for trades, using Averaging Down Strategy.

The most successful trades were ZCL with 13,11 %, SYS with 17,9 %, META with 12,66 % and VIA with 9,48 %. These returns can’t be found easily and this is what you pay for. Most of them were built through many trades in order to lower the average that will lead to a lower and quicker break-even for our trades.

By Averaging Down Strategy, you buy more coins or assets when its value is dropping. By this way, your investment has a lower point of break-even and when the market goes up the profits will start from a lower point and much quicker.

This is what we call active trading and you can see its results on the action. Staying active on the market even when it’s going down can save your money and make you feel comfortable about everyday trading. Remember that we trade for fun and there is always a way to get profitable !!!

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