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The weekend is always a great opportunity to capitalize your returns and sold the winning cryptocurrencies of your portfolio. This weekend was also great for the Coinology’s portfolio and trading strategy.

The first one was PTOY, which after 2 straight buys, was sold with 11,33 % profit. The buys were made in the first 10 days of July and the profits came after 2,5 weeks.

The second came from SYS. The total profit was 10,27 % and the initial buy was made in 9 July

Another partial sell of PTOY generate a 10,89 % return for the initial trade in the same day !!

A monthly trade was closed for XHV with 14,09 % profit

Last but not least, a 4-day trade of NLC2 resulted in 10,34 % profit with just one order and no multiple buys.

The signals are the most important part for a trader and give him the opportunity to establish a strong trading strategy for repeated profits.

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