Guide for traders

• We do not keep our money in one place. We try to have as much dispersion as possible.

• We regularly redeem a part of the profits and do not postpone it due to our expectations of further increase in prices.

• We do not work based on our feelings, but we use techniques and we have patience.

• We do not use the same passwords. We have a different password for each platform in which we are registered.

• A "strong" password is one that we cannot remember by heart.

• We do not follow links that some users upload to the chatbox or trollbox, nor do we follow the "tips" they give about a coin. On the contrary, we need to be informed regularly and form our own opinion.

• If we receive a mail in which a platform in which we maintain an account asks us for our account information such as our password due to an "error", we do not reply, since no platform will make such a request.

• Above all, we never invest more than we afford to lose.

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