Guide for traders

During our course in cryptocurrency’s investment world, we will face a lot of temptations. These temptations have a name and are called HYIPs. These are websites that promise very high interest rates in a very short time, as long as we send our money there. In reality, however, it is a financial fraud - known as the Ponzi scheme - in which money from new investors is used to pay the older ones until the inflows of new funds reach the point that they are inadequate. It lasts only for a few days and is a sure way to lose our money.

Another temptation for many people is gambling. On some trading platforms such as Yobit and Nova Exchange in addition to trading the user can also gamble. We do not recommend it and such activities should be avoided by all those who intend to carry out investment activities using the digital currency. It would be good for those who have this tendency, not to engage in trading.

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