Guide for traders

A very useful tactic to achieve positive results not only in the long term but also in the short term is to categorize in our minds what coins have come to stay and which ones will not last.

Thus, the coins that have come to stay and especially those that have a permanently stable presence and preference by investors often show a cyclicality in terms of their price level and which resembles the timeless fluctuations of an entire economy, while many other currencies are created and behave in the same way that a consumer product or service would have, and the evolution of their course can be described and predicted by the Product Life Cycle model.

It is a fact that many times we won’t make the right decision regarding the category in which a coin belongs, since almost every day a new currency is created. So, we should be very careful about what coins we place in the first category and which we will consider them as coins of lasting value.

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The Market fluctuations (Economic Cycles) and the Product Life Cycle as investment decision making models. ❺❺❺ - average rating 5 from 5 (based on 238 user reviews)