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Time is Money

Before summing up, it should be noted that trading is a type of work and every form of work should be paid. So, in every step we take downwards with the methodology we have just described, we should add an additional amount to the selling price. The amount of the amount we add each time is up to us, but we should not forget that each transaction has a cost that can reach the amount of 0.30%. Thus, an amount of at least 1% is considered necessary for every step we take. When we have made several steps with this methodology and we have reached the liquidation of our entire investment, we will see that the overall profitability has increased significantly. Thus, this strategy is not limited to being used only for defensive purposes, but also for aggressive ones. The only thing we need to do is to set as an initial profit target an amount much higher than what we would set in "normal" conditions.

Summing up

Having as a principle that trading is not static but rather a dynamic process, it is obvious that with the last method we have used, we can support our investment in the long run and derive the desired profit at any price level. No coin has a continuous and permanent downward course, and if we always keep close to the price, then we have a very good chance of getting the desired result. A critical factor for the successful outcome of this strategy is that we should not invest too much of our available funds. By investing a few in each step, we increase the chances of gradual liquidation and having additional funds for further support.

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