Guide for traders

Every platform has its own rules which can be changed at any time. Thus, they create some limitations regarding the number of users who may be registered, the type of registrations not only for new but also for old users, the place of residence or the nationality of users, the amount of deposits and withdrawals by setting a minimum and a maximum, restrictions on the minimum amount required in order to buy or sell a currency, restrictions on the time we have an open buy/sell position and limitations to decimal digits in the amount of the coin we want to sell.

The FAQ of each platform is accessible to all users, so before making any deposit on a platform and make a transaction, it is necessary to read all the issues that concern us.

It is a fact that as the market of the digital coins matures, the more restrictions are created by the trading platforms. So, it would be wise to keep an eye on developments, because every restriction and particular feature that appears changes not only our tactics but also our strategies.

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