Guide for traders

Restrictions and limitations on user registrations are divided into three categories:

• Those which are based on their type: While some trading platforms allow anonymous trading, some others don’t. In addition, there were cases where platforms initially allowed anonymous trading, after a while started implementing a Know Your Client (KYC) policy. What we need to do is to have a passport that is active, since practically this is the only document recognized by these platforms.

• Those which are based on their capacity: As the number of people who trade using a digital coin has actually skyrocketed internationally, many platforms have announced that they cannot accept new users. Some of them in fact, were forced to shut down for a while to upgrade their systems. From time to time registrations open, so it would be wise to sign up to any platform that allows us to do so, as this is not something that we can take it for granted. We shouldn’t forget that the more trading platforms we have access to, the more the tools we have for more efficient and effective trading.

• Those which are based on user’s place of residence and nationality: Not all trading platforms support registrations for people from all countries. Some of them serve only those users who reside in the same country as the trading platform and some of them exclude users of a specific nationality. For example, BX is targeted only at Thais citizens, while BitFinex has blocked US citizens.

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