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Fundamental Analysis is the methodology for assessing a coin taking into account the following elements:

• The White Paper of the coin, in which the detailed proposal of the group that created and developed the coin about its purpose and mechanisms is presented. It is in fact the main source of the fundamental assessment, from which we can draw information such as:

1. Whether the coin’s technology is based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other coin.
2. Whether it is a POS or POW coin.
3. Whether it was distributed under the ICO procedure or mined before it was introduced in the market (premine), at what rate, etc.
4.Whether it offers some technological innovation

• The announcements of the coin’s development team made on social media, or other communication channels (Reddit, Bitcointalk, Steemit), as well as the communication with the whole community. The percentage of answers to questions of the coin holders and the efficiency in solving problems (as it concerns the wallets, the network, the hosting platforms, the relevant updates) should be an important criteria for our assessment.

• The "interventions" in the coin’s software (this information can be obtained from here: The more these interventions are, the more active the coin’s development team is. It is no coincidence that coins with the most “interventions” are also the ones with the largest capitalization.

• Its market cap and its market share (these figures can be obtained from here:

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