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So far, we have presented two versions of ADS. Both allow us to follow the price closely, but we still have a relatively long distance from the current price. What we really want is to capitalize our investments as quickly as possible with a pre-determined profit rate. This can be achieved in a simple way using both versions of ADS.

Returning to our example and continuing from where we stopped, what we want is to sell 100 pieces of coin A at 0.00005425 BTC. If we assume that the current price is at 0.00005000 BTC, then according to one version of ADS we purchase 100 more coins and the selling price will now be set at 0.00005213 BTC for 200 coins, or according to the second version we can "split" the sell order of 100 coins into 2 parts of 50 coins each e.g. and buy 50 more leaving an order for 50 pieces at 0.00005425 BTC and create another order for 100 pieces at 0.00005213 BTC.

What we can do eventually, is to buy at the current price a larger quantity than we already have, a move that will bring us closer to the current price. So let's say instead of 100 or 50 pieces, we buy 300. So we have:

300 x 0.00005000 BTC = 0.01500000 BTC (A)

100 x 0.00005425 BTC = 0.00542500 BTC (B)

Therefore, the new sell order to be formed will involve the sale of 400 items in the price: (A + B) / 400 = (0.01500000 + 0.00542500) / 400 = 0.02042500 / 400 = 0.00005106 BTC.

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