Guide for traders

While at the beginning there were not many limitations on deposits made by a user on a trading platform, factors such as the sharp increase of users, the sharp increase in fees for sending Bitcoins and the creation of many new coins, bring gradually some limitations come to the foreground. Thus, we can mention some of them:

• First deposit limitations: For example, the first deposit in Bitfinex, should not be below the $ 10,000 limit. From that moment on, we may have on this platform whatever amount we want - even though it is less than $ 10,000.

• Bitcoin deposit limitations: CoinExchange for example, will charge us the amount of 0.00080000 BTC if we make a Bitcoin deposit below 0.05000000 BTC.

• Limitations related to a specific coin: In Bittrex, for example, we cannot deposit Waves if the quantity we want to send is under 1 unit. If we send 0.5 Waves to this platform, this amount will never appear in our Balances until we send an additional quantity to exceed the 1 unit (e.g. 0.6 Waves in addition).

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