Guide for traders


• The more platforms in which we keep our money, the more tools we have available for trading (various base markets, variety in currencies, differences in price and quantity, arbitrage opportunities).

• The more platforms in which we keep our money, the more risk dispersion we achieve.

• We do not need a lot of processing power for keeping the wallets in our computer.

• We do not waste our money on fees for sending bitcoins whenever we want to make a purchase.

• We take advantage of opportunities at the exact time they occur.

• We can take advantage of the individual capabilities of each platform, such as margin trading, staking payouts for POS coins, coin collection from a fork (BCH, BTG, BCD, etc.).


• There are cases where the wallet of a particular platform is in maintenance or in synchronization, so for as long as they are, we can neither receive nor send the currency.

• The platform itself may be put into maintenance mode and we cannot do anything until it is maintained.

• There is usually no quick response from a platform support in case we need help.

• There is the risk that the platform closes unexpectedly and all the money will be lost.

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