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Apart from ADS's "defensive" character, that is to continue to make successive purchases of a coin when its price falls in order to support the first purchase we have made, there is also its more "aggressive" form, where besides the profit which we want to get from the first investment (in our example 5%), we set as an additional goal to earn extra profit with the same percentage for each step down.

Our calculations are now based on the sales price we set at each step and not on the purchase price.

So, let's say:

We buy 100 pieces from currency A at 0.00006000 BTC.

We set the selling price at 0.00006300 BTC or 5% above the initial investment.

Therefore the desired total profit will be 100 x 0.00000300 = 0.00030000 BTC.

Let's say now that the price drops to 0.00005400 BTC and we buy another 100 items.

We target the selling price of 0.00005670 BTC or 5% above the initial investment.

The average selling price of the coin is set at 0.00005985BTC (0.00006300 + 0.00005670) / 2).

We cancel the previous sell order of 100 coins at 0.00006300 BTC, and we place a new one for 200 coins at 0.00005985 BTC.

Therefore, the desired total profit from the entire process is as follows:
0.00030000 + 0.00027000 = 0.00057000 BTC.

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