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How Bitcoin Bitflyer project developed into global enterprise

Growth of Bitcoin Bitflyer exchange

Bitcoin market is characterized by its incredible volatility. There was a period in 2017 when BTC price grew by 223% within a month. Then in a month it dropped more than twice and then dropped considerably in 2 months. It looks a bit frightening when you are an investor. What if you lose most of your assets within an instant after investing? Such risk always exists if you are not cautious and recklessly make hasty decisions. Despite some stagnation on the cryptocurrency market numerous exchanges and crypto projects continue to develop steadily and even expand. The same refers to Bitcoin Bitflyer exchange, which actively hires new people. The Japanese company is presented in three countries, but there will be more soon. Now it attracts talented people working in different spheres to make the breakthrough enterprise. Its top executive is sure that the best professionals come from banks. The ambitious goals increase Bitflyer Bitcoin volume as investors like when the product is advertised. The company is regulated by the state and enters the top list of such enterprises.

For instance, the following plans were announced by the company’s CEO:

•    Launch its outlets on all continents,
•    Become number one exchange,
•    Trade Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - Bitflyer develops functionality to support new currency.

It is just part of all plans unveiled for us. The company is not going to stop on crypto trading. It intends to help businesses introduce payments in Bitcoin or other cryptos. The enterprise also wants to launch a new direction aimed at investors and startups, which are interested in IPO. It will be a brokerage-advisory service.

One of the biggest achievements of the company was the permission for work in 42 American states. The financial operations are conducted in Japanese state-issued money, but this does not thwart foreign customers use the service. They like its low fees and trade with pleasure on it.

Bitflyer Bitcoin wallet can be of two types: wallet and trade class. The user does not have to prove his identity using the last one.  It is possible to deposit yen and digital currencies to any type of the account. With Bitwire instant processing is performed in an instant. Users need only email address to transfer Bitcoin from Bitflyer.
As for the coins, the choice of the exchange is not surprising. Well-known cryptos were selected by the company and added to the listing. Along with Dogecoin and Monacoin the following currencies are offered on the site: BTC, LTC, XRP.

The fee varies depending upon the type of service. The highest fee is charged for conversion of Ethereum to Bitcoin – 0.20%.  
It is recommended to observe the behavior of the particular trading pair before you start trading. Bitflyer bitcoin chart is very helpful in this issue.  Make better trading decision with enhanced functionality and trading instruments of the service.

One of the main business rivals of Bitflyer is Coincheck – Bitcoin biggest exchange of Japan but despite their competition Bitflyer is prospering no matter what.
It is not necessary to trade on Bitflyer. What if Bitfinex Bitcoin price is more attractive? You can also select Kucoin or Huobi exchange to start trading activity. Being on the move, the customer prefers the platform with good mobile application such as Bittrex app. There can different criteria for the choice of exchange. Much depends upon your priorities.

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