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How BL3P exchange functions

BL3P exchange review

Have you received BL3P invite code? Then you need to read BL3P review first to see if it worth using. This exchange review will help you to learn more about the cryptocurrency platform.

BL3P was founded by Bitonic in Netherlands. The platform is unique in its own way. There is separate service created by Bitonic in order to transfer real money, while other brand was launched for trading. It is not that easy to find something of the kind at other companies. Few brands practice such approach. Among the most famous ones is OKCoin. It is not a single ecosystem like in the case with BTCBOX. Each brand has its mission and functions separately.

BL3P caters users from Europe first of all. It decreases the number of customers, consequently, the amount of liquidity is lower. Another thing that limits the number of users is that only one currency pair is presented on the platform - BTC/EUR. Those who need Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum, BL3P is not the site you should go to. Those who prefer diversity should apply to other exchanges such as Tidex, Remitano and OctaFX. Ethereum traders should go to DDEX.

BL3P refused to support Bitcoin Cash on May. It asked users to withdraw their holdings. The option of withdrawal was disabled on the 15th of May. It is not the only case when the platform refuses from the virtual coin. Previously, the same happened at OKEx. It was caused by ‘inadequate liquidity’.

The issue of security is solved at the platform since no serious hackers’ attacks have been registered previously.
The drawback of the site is that only one trading pair is supported at it. BTC/EUR is traded only and not all customers put up with it leaving for other trading platforms. The customers who want to invest to different altcoins choose other places instead.  Those who need leveraged trading should go to other resource as well.

Each order will cost you 0.25%, while filled order additionally costs 0.01 euro. This measure was introduced to prevent work of trading algorithms that frequently place orders to meet goals of customers involving them. In this way, the person has to pay cent each time he creates the order. If he wants to cancel it, he has to pay one more cent. This can be annoying for big traders, but the current situation reflects the real market better than other venues.

Regarding the methods of payments, they are convenient for European customers mainly. The exchange accepts SEPA, iDEAL and BTC transfers. As you understand, the number of customer base is not as big as it could be. The platform caters needs of Europeans and it limits the potential and, consequently, bigger liquidity.
The functionality is rather limited and charts are only basic at the exchange. There are no instruments, which help to make a detailed analysis of the current economic situation.

The platform has a highly qualified support team. You can contact BL3P representatives at any time and get the answer to your question.

How BL3P exchange functions ►►► - average rating 5 from 5 (based on 117 user reviews)