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What is KKEX and how it works

Choose KKEX to change your life for the better!

Those who are tired of bills coming one after another and do not know how to cover them, start thinking about different career. As a rule, people stop worrying about the next pay check when they choose cryptocurrency trading. There are certainly those who decide to trade out of curiosity but many users pay attention to the job being on a tight budget. Such currency exchange as KKEX is able to change their life to the better.

What is KKEX

KKEX exchange limited is an Asian cryptocurrency exchange enabling conversion of crypto assets. It is operated by the company based in Seychelles. Being an international blockchain exchange, it offers services to customers from different countries, but the service is provided on Chinese Mandarin and English only. Visit the site of KKEX exchange online to check how it functions. The platform presents itself as a blockchain asset exchange service where any registered user is able to deposit, exchange and then withdraw his assets. In this way, KKEX functions as an electronic wallet for real and virtual money.
It is necessary to download the POIM App to use KKEX exchange online. This application enables scanning of QR code to get access to work area. It is impossible to start converting assets without this procedure.

Trading pairs

At present the following trading pairs are available at KKEX: BCH-BTC, BT1-BTC, BT2-BTC, BTG-BTC. However, the owners of the platform continue to enhance it and want to increase the number of pairs traded. Follow the news not to skip it if the assortment of cryptos is not enough for you.

Security and verification

Security is an issue of primary importance now. KKEX is not an exclusion and also pays much attention to this question. All customers have to pass verification procedure before trading on KKEX exchange online. It is necessary to provide ID/Passport to pass the procedure.

More details

The fee is not charged when you deposit and withdraw the funds. The platform also owns powerful API that can integrate trading functions into own apps. It is easy to understand how everything functions on KKEX exchange online. The detailed FAQ bilingual section clarifies all issues in detail.

Concept of awareness and other options

There you will find out also what is market order, Limit order, Iceberg and TWAP strategy. The platform wants to bring awareness to its users about the main professional notions. It is often done out of dedication to what crypto lovers do. Many currency conversion sites are created by such enthusiasts, for instance, BTCBOX, which developed into a big company, which specializes on blockchain technologies. The benefit of the company is that it presents the whole ecosystem with its own services and financial media. Everything is managed in compliance with strict policies of the whole environment.

DDEX is decentralized exchange where one can trade directly from wallet to wallet. The market has many benefits to offer. Sometimes customers are looking for mobile-focused platform to have the opportunity to trade on the go. In this case DDEX is going to be the optimal solution soon. It is going to launch such service in a little while.
The conditions of OctaFX will help any person to learn more from crypto trade. All orders are executed within the shortest possible time.  Fast performance and endless possibilities are also promised at Tidex – international platform with over 70 virtual coins traded. The developers focused on the concept of seamless trading of numerous crypto assets when they created the site.

If you need a reliable P2P Bitcoin marketplace for simple sale and purchase operations, then Remitano company is at your disposal. Based in Seychelles, the company has incredibly simple user interface, but those who still face obstacles, can apply to the support team, which is available round the clock.



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